“No Frills February”

February 1, 2010 at 2:55 pm (February Challenge, Money & Spending) (, )

This month, I challenge myself to spend no money. Yes, I said it- I’m going on a money diet.  No Frills February is here.

Of course, certain exceptions apply- I’ll still have to pay my mortgage and my utility bills. I’ll also be allowed to buy food and gas. But that’s it. (And by food, I mean groceries or fast food. Eating out at a real restaurant will be a no-no).

That’s it- short and sweet. I’ll elaborate on my reasons for picking this challenge in the upcoming days, but for now, I must get back to work. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. I’ll be at work sipping on this cup of lukewarm, not-quite-Starbucks coffee that I just got from my office breakroom. Because, hey, it’s free.



  1. wade4040 said,

    Does this mean no downtown??? Oh no?!?! What if I buy the drinks?

    • thereseschwenkler said,

      Hahah. I can still go downtown… I just can’t buy any drinks!
      But if you buy the drinks then I won’t be spending money, so technically I wouldn’t be breaking the rules 😉
      However- the purpose of this challenge is definitely not to hone my mooching skills, so I will have to keep your drink-buying to a minimum (unless it’s my birthday) 😀

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